We are excited to announce the release of a new feature in iGuana iDM software for clipping of selected articles and sections from scanned newspapers, registers (such as civil status registers of birth, marriage and death certificates, census and population registers, etc.), magazines, journals, and other media. The new clipping functionality allows users to easily select an individual article, headline, text block, picture or section of a scanned page and clip it with a simple mouse click. Clippings can then be formatted, arranged in any desired layout, indexed and archived individually i.e. separately from the original pages from which they were produced. Indexing (adding metadata) can either be done manually or automatically via full text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to create fully searchable files. Source and other details about each clipping, such as, for example: newspaper name, date, page number, subject, title, author, keywords, and other data, can therefore be generated and added to each clipping, making searching and finding what you need a matter of mere seconds.

About iGuana iDM Software

iGuana iDM is a state-of-the-art Document Management & Digital Archiving Software that allows you to capture, archive and easily access all your documents electronically. It enables you to centrally archive documents in digital form in a highly secure, revision-proof and structured manner. The system’s intuitive interface makes it easy to search for and find any document in a matter of seconds. With iGuana iDM, you can easily convert paper documents to digital format and archive already existing electronic documents, such as PDF and MS Office documents, multimedia files, e-mail and more. You can retrieve any document (securely) within seconds and significantly improve employee productivity. Through seamless integration with your existing systems and their user interfaces, you can access documents archived in iGuana iDM directly from the familiar environment of your work screen.

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