One of the key challenges facing companies today is unstructured data. According to research, approximately 80% of corporate information exists in the form of unstructured documents in paper or electronic format. Needless to say that businesses are at risk of seeing their profitability and productivity suffer if they are unable to centrally access and make use of all the valuable information they possess. Unfortunately, companies are often not even aware of all the potentially critical data that may be hidden in their unstructured documents.

The iGuana – InterSystems partnership provides a one-stop shop solution.

Our Solution for Unstructured Data

iGuana and InterSystems Benelux have decided to join forces to help companies address the challenge of managing and gaining insight into unstructured data. The purpose of the iGuana-InterSystems partnership is to provide a means for companies to aggregate huge volumes of corporate information in paper or digital format, create a central archive i.e. a knowledge base of data, analyze its contents and extract valuable business intelligence out of it.

Our solution combines the power of the iGuana iDM Enterprise Content Management software with InterSystems’ unique iKnow technology designed to analyze unstructured text data.

Create a Knowledge Base of Your Corporate Information (Collect)

As a business, you generate and have to sift through a lot of content every day in the form of mail, invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, supplier contracts, employee files, customer records, e-mails, and other documents that support your day-to-day operations. Not being able to centralize the flow of your corporate documentation can cost you a lot of time and money.

With iGuana iDM Enterprise Content Management suite you will be able to easily convert physical files into electronic format, distribute, manage and archive them securely in a structured manner. You will also be able to optimize the way you manage already existing electronic documents, such as PDF and MS Office documents, e-mail and more. With the capacity to process up to 1 million documents per day, iGuana iDM allows you to centrally archive and create a knowledge base of valuable business information.

Analyze Contents of Your Data to Make Better Decisions (Analyze & Utilize)

Once you create an archive of all your corporate information, you need a tool to extract important data out of it which you can use to make informed business decisions.

Embedded in iGuana iDM software is InterSystems’ iKnow technology, which provides the ability to analyze unstructured text data using the “bottom-up” contextual text analysis based solely on what is contained in the text itself (natural language). Combined with the iGuana iDM full content search capabilities, this gives you the opportunity to:

  • obtain a structured overview of the content contained in your archive i.e. understand what information is available
  • identify relationships between disparate sources of content i.e. understand which documents/texts belong together
  • extract key data out of a massive volume of content and categorize it for decision-making purposes

In summary, you will know what data you have, how these data are related and what is actually valuable to your business.

Customer Success Case

Five years ago, UZ Gent, one of the largest and most reputable hospitals in Belgium, launched an ambitious project aiming to digitize the hospital’s medical records with the iGuana iDM Medical Records Scanning Solution. The project proved to be a success, allowing UZ Gent to optimize their medical record management processes and introduce complete Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for their patients. Most importantly, however, UZ Gent was able to collect and centrally archive a huge volume of information about their patients.

All UZ Gent’s medical records archived into iGuana iDM undergo optical character recognition (OCR) and are classified within a logical tree structure to enable easy search and retrieval. These OCR’ed records are analyzed to provide a summarized version of each medical record containing critical data about each patient. This substantially reduces the amount of time that would otherwise be required for staff to familiarize themselves with the details of each patient and obtain a clear picture of a patient’s medical history.

Unlock your data’s potential with iGuana iDM.

About InterSystems Benelux

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